Demand urgent action to save our frozen planet

Antarctica and Greenland’s ice is being lost 6 times faster than it was 30 years ago. 

That rate of ice melt is deadly for the wildlife that inhabits our frozen planet.  

And it’s a warning sign for all life on Earth. Including us. Because the clock is ticking on our chance to stop climate breakdown. 

But urgent action can still reduce the damage. Every country has to play its part. Especially those that have done the most historic damage, like the UK.   

Millions of people across the world are doing something about it: from young people leading protests, to the rise of clean, affordable community energy. 

Will you join them? Please ask the UK government to take urgent climate action. And be the green and fair country we ought to be. 

  • Valerie W 03.06.2023 15:46
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