Demand urgent action to save our planet

The planet is burning while fossil fuel companies are raking in staggering profits.  

From Portugal, to Algeria, to Greece. Wildfires have hit communities ‘like a blow torch’ while companies including Shell announce quarterly profits in the billions.  

We know that Shell and other fossil fuel giants are directly responsible for worsening the climate crisis. Their profits come at the cost of our future.  

But urgent government action can still halt their impacts. Every country must play its part. Especially those that have profited the most from causing fossil fuel damage, like the UK.   

If you agree add your name today: ask the UK government to take urgent climate action. And be the green and fair country we ought to be. 

  • Michelle C 30.11.2023 19:46
  • Ashley M 30.11.2023 19:20
  • Peter B 30.11.2023 19:12
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