Make fast fashion responsible for its abuse of people and planet.

Fast fashion hurts. It hurts workers, communities and the environment. 

Whether it’s forcing garment workers to work long, low-paid hours in unsafe conditions. Or releasing toxic chemicals and plastics into waterways and soil. 

UK law is letting fast fashion giants get away with abuse of people and planet.   

The companies responsible for fast fashion and other UK goods face almost no restrictions on their harmful activity – here and overseas. But that can and must change.  

As part of a growing coalition, we’re calling for a new law that holds UK companies responsible. This law would require all UK companies to avoid harm to the environment, communities and workers in their supply chains, and allow victims to seek justice if abuses occur. 

We can’t go on hoping businesses will fix things voluntarily. We need real legal accountability.  

If you agree, please sign this petition. Support a Business, Human Rights and Environment Act to hold companies to account. 

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