Stop plans for a new coal mine

West Cumbria Mining is trying to build the UK’s first deep coal mine in 30 years – a project that would undermine the UK’s chances of meeting its climate targets.

Under intense pressure from passionate local campaigning in Cumbria, and facing the threat of a legal challenge, former Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick decided to "call in" the controversial Cumbria coal mine decision. The final decision about the climate-wrecking mine will rest with the government – after a public inquiry.

This proposed mine aims to produce coking coal for steel, while across Europe the steel industry is starting to move away from coal and towards lower emissions technology. We need to be winding down climate-wrecking industries – not developing new infrastructure to encourage them. Especially when the government should be showing global leadership ahead of the UN climate talks in Glasgow.

Communities in the UK and across the world – including those who’ve experienced extreme flooding in Cumbria – are already facing the impacts of the climate crisis. The government must commit to ending the era of coal.

Will you tell the government to stop this climate-wrecking coal mine?