Stop plans for a new coal mine

The government has taken the senseless decision to approve the UK’s first deep coal mine in 30 years in West Cumbria. It is once again prioritising the interests of the fossil fuel industry over people and planet.  

Coal mining isn’t the answer to our problems. The coal from the mine is set to be used for steel production. But it appears that the UK steel industry do not want this coal, and most will be exported.  

Jobs created by the mine won’t come overnight and they could rapidly disappear as steel manufacturers move to greener production. There are no guarantees that these jobs would go to people in West Cumbria. This false promise from the UK government and the mining company are setting up this neglected community for future disappointment. 

A better solution for communities such as those in West Cumbria, who have been let down by the government, would be to invest in desperately needed renewable energy and home insulation. This has the potential to deliver hundreds of local green jobs.  

The mine threatens to produce the equivalent emissions of over 5 million UK cars annually. Giving a green light to coal is an attack on progress towards meeting targets vital for protecting against the worst impacts of climate change. 

The government has been made to U-turn before on disastrous policies – it can be made to U-turn again.  

Sign the petition today and help reverse this decision.