Tell the government: No new coal, oil or gas projects

The message from scientists is clear: no new fossil fuel exploration.

But instead of taking them seriously, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a reckless new dash for oil and gas this summer, with over 100 offshore drilling licences issued. 

And in September the government approved plans to drill at Rosebank - the UK’s largest undeveloped oil field. If it goes ahead, Rosebank could produce more climate pollution than the combined annual emissions of the 28 poorest countries.  

Rosebank won’t boost energy security – it’s output will be sold to the highest bidders on the international open market. Instead of subsidising  foreign - owned fossil fuels, our government should be investing in homegrown renewable energy and insulation for our cold leaky homes.  

Our prime minister is fanning the flames of the climate crisis. So please tell his government to rethink its dangerous plans before the drilling starts.