Tell the next prime minister not to lift the fracking ban

The government’s dash for fossil fuels has taken a dangerous new turn.   

Candidates for the next prime minister - Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak - have both declared that they want to revive the failed fracking industry. Even though their government was forced to ban fracking following a series of earthquakes in 2019. 

Amid a cost-of-living crisis and record-breaking temperatures, the next prime minister must prioritise affordable renewable energy and home insulation, not dangerous fossil fuel extraction. 

Fracking won’t meaningfully lower our energy bills. But it will be terrible for our climate. 

We do have a real chance to stop it though. Both candidates claim their support for fracking depends on local communities backing it too.   

Let’s make sure the next prime minister hears loud and clear that no one wants fracking on their doorstep.  

Sign the petition today to save our communities from fracking. 

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