Tell the PM: stop breaking climate law

BREAKING: the government's plan to tackle the climate crisis has been ruled UNLAWFUL.

The UK government is dangerously off track to meet its climate targets, including its pledge to cut emissions by over two-thirds by 2030.

Now the High Court has agreed with us that the government's plan to cut carbon emissions is unlawful.

Enough is enough.

We need a new plan that meets our targets and prioritises fair solutions. This will help people not polluters. And bring lower energy bills, warm homes, clean air and well-paid green jobs.

The government must deliver for climate and people.

Sign the petition now and demand the government creates a climate plan that is not just greener, but fairer too.  

  • Timothy C 30.05.2024 17:54
  • Cerys H 30.05.2024 02:01
  • Nicola D 29.05.2024 23:32
  • Jesse P 29.05.2024 15:54
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