Tell Unilever: stop buying conflict palm oil

Brutal land grabbing for palm oil, environmental destruction, and criminalising indigenous farmers. That's what Unilever - the company behind famous brands like Magnum ice creams and Dove soap - has hidden in its supply chain in Indonesia.

Unilever claims to be a leader in sustainability, but is tolerating environmental injustice while its profits soar.  

Indigenous communities, alongside Friends of the Earth Indonesia, have been sounding the alarm for years. But Unilever is still buying palm oil from a company linked to abusive practices - Astra Agro Lestari (AAL). Even though many others like Nestlé have cut their ties. 

We're calling on Unilever to suspend AAL immediately. And use its huge influence to demand AAL rights the wrongs the communities have suffered. 

Please join us to tell Unilever you don't want goods tainted with human rights abuses and environmental destruction. 

  • Steven W 16.04.2024 11:03
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