Email your MP: ceasefire now

Friends of the Earth Palestine (PENGON) need our help.  

Like us, they’re campaigning for a fairer, greener future. But they’re delivering climate action amid a devastating conflict and ongoing illegal occupation. 

There can be no environmental justice where there is war.   

Help us stand in solidarity with our sister organisation and all those affected by this devastating conflict. Call on your MP to use their influence to protect lives and demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire. We’ve written a draft email with more detail you can send to your MP.

Say “no more” to our leaders being complicit in violations of international law. Instead, demand they stand up for sustained peace by ending the devastating illegal occupation and blockade of Palestinian territories for good.  

Write to your MP today and call for a ceasefire and an end to the occupation now.   

We strongly condemn the killing of civilians and taking of hostages. We urge all parties and the international community to work to end this conflict. 

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