Tell your MP: back a new law to protect forests and people

For too long, UK companies have been able to put profit over planet.  

From deforestation almost wiping out species like the orangutan to brutal exploitation of workers.

Poorly regulated supply chains for our everyday goods are fuelling destruction and abuse around the world.  

Despite lots of talk about sustainability in recent years, corporations are still not doing enough to clean up their supply chains.  

But these companies can’t avoid accountability forever. Together with the Corporate Justice Coalition, we’re demanding a new law to force companies to prevent environmental damage and human rights abuses in their supply chains.  

This law is well within reach – similar legislation is already in place in France and Germany. Now we need your help to get UK parliamentary support.  

Write to your MP now and ask them to take the Good Business Matters pledge (you can see the pledge at a later step). Help demand real commitment to protecting the environment, communities and workers. 

  • Maurice K 13.04.2024 15:52
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