Demand mass home insulation now to keep us warm for good

Our heat-leaking homes are cold, damp and expensive to keep warm.  Rocketing energy costs coupled with poor insulation is causing financial strain, health issues and misery for millions of us – but it doesn’t have to be this way.   

An ambitious government-funded insulation programme would help keep us warm, save us money, create jobs and reduce our use of harmful fossil fuels.   

Fossil fuel companies are raking in record-breaking profits at the expense of people and planet.  Home insulation can and must be funded by strengthening the windfall tax on these profits.   

Politicians know that home insulation is key to easing our climate, energy and cost of living crises – we just need them to step up. Make them listen, add your name today. 

  • Ruth A 14.04.2024 13:07
  • Stephen L 11.04.2024 11:23
  • Rosemary L 23.03.2024 11:01
  • Reinhard U 14.03.2024 07:13
  • Anne G 10.03.2024 18:34
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