Image of fossil fuel extraction site

Stop fossil fuel companies obstructing climate action

From the loss of landscapes to livelihoods to lives. It’s hard to overstate just how much is at risk from climate breakdown.  

Yet our governments face extortionate legal action when taking action to protect the climate.  Why? An agreement known as the Energy Charter Treaty.  

The treaty allows fossil fuel companies to sue countries for many millions of pounds if environmental protections get in the way of their profits .

The UK alone could be liable for £12 billion on the path to net zero carbon emissions.  

The treaty poses a major obstacle to climate justice and so far, attempts for reform have fallen short.  All countries must withdraw from the treaty to stop unfair protection for polluters’ profits. 

Over a million people across Europe have asked their governments to withdraw from the treaty. Counties including Germany, France and Spain already have. Please sign this petition to demand the UK withdraws too. 

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