Older woman in fleece next to radiator looking cold

Demand urgent action to keep people warm this winter

Our government is not taking the bold action needed to solve the energy crisis. 

Even with the UK government's recent price freeze announcement, average energy bills will reach almost double last year's prices. Meaning millions will face impossible choices between heating and eating this winter.  

Protecting the doomed fossil fuel industry is not the answer.  

Instead, the new prime minister must take urgent action to ramp up sources of cheap renewable energy, insulate our leaky homes and get us off gas for good.  

That’s why we've united with other leading environmental and anti-poverty organisations to launch a new campaign: Warm This Winter.  So together, we can demand action that meets the scale of the crisis. 

Now we need your help: sign today and tell the government to keep people warm this winter and in the years to come.  

Together, we are demanding from the UK government:

•    Emergency support now: Provide a new package of financial support to people who, without additional urgent action, will be on the front-line of poverty this winter

•    Help to upgrade homes:Launch a properly-funded programme of home upgrades and insulation across the UK to bring down bills and prevent energy waste

•    Cheap energy: More than triple the amount of renewable energy in the UK by 2030, including wind and solar generated in harmony with nature, so that we can permanently lower bills.

•    Freedom from oil and gas: Stop opening up new oil and gas fields so that we can escape our dependence on volatile fossil fuels.

Support our demands and sign the petition now


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