Protect environment laws that are hanging by a thread

From sewage dumping in our waters in the name of shareholder profit to rises in life-threatening levels of air pollution. Strengthening our existing environment laws and enforcing them couldn’t be more urgent.

But our regulations are hanging by a thread. Through the Retained EU Law Act, Ministers have been handed a free pass to unravel our environment laws for the next 3 years. Which means they could weaken thousands of the laws that protect people and nature.

We’ve got to show everyone across the government that we won’t stand for any attempts to unravel our protections. We must let ministers know we’re watching whether they use their new powers to water down our environment laws.

That’s why we’re writing to all government departments, asking them to strengthen our protections, not weaken them.

Will you sign the letter?  

  • Christine C 22.09.2023 12:00
  • Joe R 22.09.2023 09:17
  • Richard Guy R 22.09.2023 08:51
  • David T 22.09.2023 07:59
  • Michelle L 22.09.2023 07:22
  • Jaynie W 22.09.2023 07:17