Stop the government’s attack on nature protections

The UK government is planning a reckless bonfire of the laws that protect our health and environment - putting people and nature in grave danger. 

If its new plan goes ahead, hundreds of environmental laws could be ripped up next year. From the rules that stop river pollution to those that protect us from toxic pesticides. 

Public pressure is already causing the government to rethink some proposals. Like the plans to decimate environmental protections and planning laws in “investment zones”, which are now under review.  But tinkering around the edges will not be enough - we must demand an end to all the threats to our community rights and precious green space.  

The UK government is still going all-out for dangerous deregulation at a scale never seen before. Our response needs to be even bigger. 

Please sign and share this petition today. It isn’t too late to stop the government’s attack on nature for good. 

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