Friends of the Earth banners at fracking protest

Tell your MP: communities say no to fracking

Fracking will never be the answer to our energy crisis.  

The new prime minister has real solutions at her disposal to increase energy security and reduce bills. From ramping up domestic renewables to street-by-street insulation.  

Instead, Liz Truss is using the crisis as an excuse to revive the zombie fracking industry

But the facts remain clear: fracking causes earthquakes, accelerates climate breakdown and would have no meaningful impact on our energy bills.

In the leadership race, Truss said that she would only lift the fracking ban with local community support. But she should know that communities have never and will never support fracking.

Almost 50,000 of you have already signed our petition to stop a reversal of the ban. Now it’s time to increase parliamentary pressure.  

Let your MP know that as a member of your community, you don’t support fracking locally or nationally.

Write to your MP today to make sure the new prime minister hears loud and clear: communities say no to fracking.  

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